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8 Most Instagrammable Chain Coffee Shops in NYC

Updated: Apr 6

A coffee a day, keeps all your worries away.

One of the best ways to tour around NYC is to hit all the famous coffee spots. After visiting more than 100 coffee shops in the Big Apple, I’d like to share some of my favorite coffee chains in today’s article. If you’re visiting NYC for a limited period of time, here’s a list of the most Instagram-worthy chain coffee shops for you to explore!

1. Ralph’s Coffee

As Ralph Laren says, “the smell of freshly brewed coffee evokes so many memories for me… mostly of time spent with friends and family, the people I love.” Ralph’s coffee is one of the most iconic NYC cafes that you should visit. The two that I normally go are the one in the Upper East and the one next to the Rockefeller Center. Today I’m going to focus on the one in the Upper East as this store has appeared in movies endless times and if you’re an NYC visitor, make sure you stop by after touring around Central Park.

There are currently 4 Ralph’s Coffee shops around the New York area, and my go-to place is the one on 888 Madison Avenue inside Ralph Lauren’s flagship store. This store is super cute and photo-worthy. They have plenty of outdoor seating, and you can also find a great selection of Ralph’s coffee-related products, including the famous Ralph’s Coffee teddy bears!

2. Remi Flower & Coffee

Remi Flower is my favorite coffee shop in NYC. It’s a coffee + flowers combined concept store and every time I walk into the store I feel like I’m getting coffee in a beautiful garden. There are to REMIs on the Second Ave., but the one I usually go is REMI43 (between the 43 st. and 44 st.) as it's just a block away from my office in the Daily News Building. With only a few minutes' walk from the United Nations Headquarters, you could easily spot famous celebrities, politicians and diplomats from all over the world.

My favorite part of this coffee shop is the interior aesthetics and how they mix flower arts/designs into their drinks presentations. My top 3 drinks from this place are 1) rose latte 2) lavender latte and 3) matcha latte. They also do beautiful swan latte arts upon request when you dine in. So make sure you grab a cute spot next to your favorite plants/bouquets when you visit :)

3. Maman

If you love floral settings and flower arrangements, you should definitely check out Maman, a beautiful French-inspired coffee chain in NYC. Their menu highlights childhood favorites from North America and Southern France, and their most famous item on the menu is the nutty chocolate chip cookies! Each Maman store is unique, but they’re all well decorated with flowers and cute outdoor seating. If you’re looking to take pictures of yourself holding a cute cup of coffee, this is the right place for you! All the seasonal Maman cups are super cute. Most of them are printed in floral patterns with a brand Logo in the center. And if you’re only in town for a short period of time and can only pick one, try the Greenpoint store! Every corner is so instagrammable and hip!

4. Ground Central Coffee Company

Ground Central Coffee Company is one of the most unique coffee chains in NYC. Their staff and customers form a community of dreamers, students, artists, book lovers, musicians – all aspiring towards life beyond the mainstream. There are currently 6 stores in different parts of Manhattan but the one I’m going to introduce today is the GC UN HQ.

Ground Central UN HQ is located between the 42st and 43st on the Second Avenue. With walking distance from the United Nations Headquarters, this place and Remi Cafe are my top 2 go-to places whenever I need a coffee break at work. If you’re the first-time visitor, make sure you snap a photo with their iconic UN wall paintings!

5. Bluestone Lane

Bluestone Lane is my favorite Australian coffee shop chain in NYC. They have many stores in the city, but I love to go to the one in Hudson Yards. This store is always busy in the mornings and you can see many New Yorkers stopping by on their way to/from the gym during rush hours. Bluestone Lane makes good coffee and they also have a lot of brunch/pastries options here at the Hudson store. Whether you’re a New Yorker who works in the midtown west or a tourist who’s visiting the Vessel, this is a great spot to chill and get some coffee. My favorite combo is their classic latte plus an almond croissant! What’s yours?


% ARABICA New York Dumbo Roastery (% ARABICA) is one of the hottest check-in spots in NYC. Located in Dumbo, Brooklyn, this coffee shop has one of the best views of the Brooklyn Bridge and Lower Manhattan. If you want to view the NYC skyline while enjoying your coffee, you should definitely visit % ARABICA. Unlike most of the NYC-based coffee shops listed above, % ARABICA originated from overseas in Kyoto and finally arrived in New York in June 2021. The store design is unparalleled and they collaborate with the famous French design studio, Cigue, who also manages the store design/aesthetics for Aesop stores across Europe..

7. Felix Roasting Co.

If you’re in Soho and need a quick coffee break during your shopping trip, stop by Felix Roasting Co. This place is the most stylish coffee shop in Soho and the aesthetics of the store perfectly match the theme of Soho - fashion and chic! Curated by one of the most renowned celebrity designers, Ken Fulk, Felix Roasting Co. is divided into 3 distinct “moments”: the open, sunlight-flooded entrance, the “sanctuary”, where a giant, oblong bar topped with a copper counter reflects a hand-leafed copper dome overhead; and the cozy, laid-back “lounge”, where those with time to spare can sip their custom brews on an elegant sofa.

Everytime I visit the store, I see well-dressed people carrying some of the most iconic shopping bags from the district. Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Celine, Intermix, etc. This coffee shop is basically a fashion hub for coffee lovers in the hood.

8. Blue Bottle

This Cali-originated coffee shop is one of the most popular chains around the world. There are so many reasons why it tops my list. One, their coffee is great and two, their stores always have the best locations. The 2 stores in NYC that I usually go to are 1) the one next to Bryant Park (this one is close to my office and there’s a Lady M nearby) and 2) the one inside the Hudson Yards Mall (if you’re hitting Vessels or the High Line, then this is the one to go). These locations are very convenient for tourists visiting NYC and they’re both very close and accessible to all the main tourist attractions in town.



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