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Best Nail Salon in the Domain Austin

Updated: Apr 6

To travel in style, I always make sure I have my nails done properly so I can take cute photos and they don’t break easily (my nails are super soft and fragile) when I lift heavy stuff, such as suitcases, during the trip(s). In this article, I’m going to share the best nail salon I’ve ever visited in the United States - M Vince Nail Spa.

I discovered this nail salon when I first visited Austin, TX in 2022. This place is located right across Neiman Marcus (next to Louis Vuitton) in the Domain area in Austin. It’s a fairly new studio so everything looks extremely clean and neat. The studio features an upscale urban interior design with a huge chandelier and a bar counter (with racks of wine and sparkling ofc) by the entrance.

Once you enter the salon, there is a nail polish/gel station on the right-hand side displaying a million colors for you to choose from. The technicians are great with designs so I highly recommend you to come with some basic ideas about the colors and styles you want to do before walking in (that saves you a lot of time on decision making). Upon reaching your assigned seat, the manager will usually offer you a drink of your choice (and feel free to order one if they forget to ask!), and then you can just sit back and enjoy the spa!

I have tried both the manicure and the pedicure sessions in the store and I love both experiences. My nail lady does perfect nail art, and every time I tell her about my ideas she makes my dream into reality. Most of the time, I do art design add-ons for my nails and gel spa pedicure for my toes. My favorite spa experience is the MV Detox Pedicure. This treatment features organic-based ingredients (which I love) that are free of paraben, sulfates and non-GMO. And what I love the most about this is the bubbling explosion created by a combination of detox crystals and volcano activators that rejuvenates your skin - it’s super fun!!

From Disney cartoon characters to delicate floral patterns, M.Vince never disappoints. This is by far the only nail salon in the U.S. that I keep going back for manis and pedis!!

M.Vince Nail Spa has over 15 salons across 10 States in the U.S. So even if you don’t live in Austin, you might still wanna check out their website and see if there’s one near you!



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